Doe Deere Talks About Being Successful

If there is someone that knows anything about fighting to reach the top, that would be Doe Deere. Many years ago, she was dubbed the Unicorn Queen. She is the creator of Lime Crime cosmetic line, which focuses on confidence and individuality no matter who you are. Learn more:


An article about Doe Deere was recently published in the French Tribune, where she offered secrets to her success. In this article, she discusses what attributes was needed for her to become a successful entrepreneur. Doe Deere outlines the steps she took in order to accomplish her goals.


How to be Successful

For starters, a devised plan and a lot of research is important. This would include brainstorming and drafting an outline for a business plan. The following characteristics help aid in this task, while becoming a successful entrepreneur.


This includes:


Taking Risks

Discovering Your Passion

Build on Your Current Skills

Finding a way to Learn From Others


Throughout her career, Doe Deere has always provided a voice regarding her stance on originality. This is the passion that provided her with the necessary drive to continuously succeed. She learned that not everyone has a voice, which is why she uses the unicorn to symbolize the purpose of her cosmetic line. Her belief is that everyone is beautiful and unique just like the unicorn.


Doe Deere took a risk by building on her knowledge of cosmetics. She influences others, to stand out and put their originality on display. This is done through the use of Lime Crime makeup. Lime Crime is all natural, and is never tested on animals. Each product created is geared towards expressing a persons individuality; through her vision and expertise.


Her dream has always been to build a company where it’s okay to be unique. The company name derives from her desire to create a bold brand of cosmetics, that could be deemed illegal. Through trial and error, that’s what she has accomplished.


Doe Deere’s motivation and drive guided her creativity to revise her plan. This revision is where Unicorn Hair, one of her newest product lines was born. This semi-permanent hair dye has the same bold color scheme as the cosmetic line. Learn more:


She exudes such a high level confidence in her products, that she is a tester for her products before they are launched. Deere, is a true believer in standing behind her developments and following her intuition. Going by the presence of Lime Crime’s cosmetics and hair dye on her employees, she has every reason to be confident.


Summarizing Doe Deere’s advice to be successful, take a chance and expand on your vision. Let your instinct guide you in becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Whitney Wolfe Says It’s Time For The Woman To Make The First Move

Whitney Wolfe had one agenda during the Bumble start-up meeting: to help the woman regain her power from the man. Whitney had just come out of a hurting relationship with Justin Mateen with whom they had previously co-founded the Tinder Dating App. Other than Whitney and Justin, there were also other male co-founders in Tinder. After the breakup, Mateen called Whitney a whore in public and embarrassed her by ousting her out of the company. The partners at Tinder said that having a woman as a partner made the company look bad. Consequently, Whitney, who had worked hard to make the company successful, sued and was awarded justice by the court.

As Wolfe founded Bumble, she said that her main aim was to terminate ghosting, shirtless selfies and unsolicited photos of male genitals on the dating apps. Whitney said that ghosting, which occurs when men disappear from romantic relationships without offering explanations to their partners, is rampant and it needed to come to an end in her dating app. At the same time, shirtless photos and male genital photos all came into the space of women, who were not interested and they had to be terminated urgently. To achieve the objective, Whitney Wolfe said that kindness was one of the vital values that users of the app needed to consider. One must consider how their actions affect other people within the app before posting anything.

Whitney called women to break out from the old culture, where they had to wait for men to propose to them; the women must be bold enough to make the first move.

Bumble BFF stemmed out of Bumble when Whitney Wolfe released that many women were making female friends using the app. She realized that the women sometimes felt that the only people they could share their problem with were women. She also realized that the modern woman gets married late in life and she needs to share her issue with other women. As a result, Bumble BFF solely allows socialization only among women. Moreover, it helps women make new friends each time they relocate to a new location.

For more information about about Whitney Wolfe, just click here.

Julie Zuckerberg: Winning in Male-Dominated World

Julie is a career woman who has conquered many stereotypes to get to where she is. Talent and Recruitment are her forte, and she has managed to help the different companies hire the best talents in the financial world.
Julie is the current Executive Recruiter at the Deutsche Bank. She has been able to build her career through experience. Julie doesn’t have a background education in recruitment or talent acquisition. While in the college, she pursued a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy. Julie later developed an interest in law, and that is when she took up law at the New York School of Law.
Career experience
She joined the Deutsche Bank, New York City in 2014. Julie has managed to train and counsel the management on the topic of governance and the recruitment services. She has also managed to lead negotiations of the of the managing director level.
Coaching is never an easy task, but, Julie has managed to train the recruitment teams at the bank. She has also provided them with strategic direction on the hiring process.
Her career in recruitment began in 2002 when she joined the Hudson Company. She was the Director of Candidate placement at the Company. Her main responsibility in the Company was to recruit the paralegals, case managers, attorneys and their support staff. Julie managed to provide guidance and resolve any problems between the clients and also the employees according to the law. She successfully counseled the employees and motivating them about the job. Not only did Julie find opportunities for different people, she helped them understand the jobs description and also the benefits that they were going to receive. Julie resigned from the Company after a better opportunity presented itself at Citi Group.
Julie worked for Citi Group for six years, and she managed to work in two different positions. She was first employed as the Executive Recruiter of the Citi Global Functions. She provided manager and director recruiting services. Julie also managed to counsel the management on a creating job description. In 2011, she acceded to the position of Executive Recruiter at the Citi Global Consumer Bank. Her primary role at the Company was to advise the management on the recruitment strategies, talent, and competitive markets. Julie provided direction for the complex job offers.
For a brief moment, Julie worked for the New York Life Insurance Company as the Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President. While at the Company, she collaborated with the Company management to analyze client needs and come up with solutions to solve the issue. Julie was responsible for running the recruitment process. It was after she left the New York Life Insurance Company that she joined the Deutsche Bank.
Julie has developed other interest that she engages in outside of her day to day work schedule. She loves photography, running, technology and arts. She also cares for the animal welfare, economic issues, human rights, economic empowerment, social action, science, and also culture.