Orange Coast College Students Given Unique Opportunity Through DeNova Homes

When students from a college are invited to hear someone speak, they need to pay attention to all that is said to them and they need to learn from the one who is speaking to them. When the students of Orange Coast College had the opportunity to learn from those who are a part of DeNova Homes, they were given the chance to listen up and receive a good education. Students from Orange Coast College were given the chance to listen to the Division President of DeNova Homes as he spoke to them. Alan Toffoli talked with the students and helped them to learn about his company. The students were the given the chance to tour some of the homes that were created by DeNova Homes. Students from Orange Coast College were given a unique opportunity thanks to a company that reached out to them and was willing to be a part of their education. Learn more:


Orange Coast College is a community college that is located in Orange County in California. This college offers an educational experience that is a great starting point for all kinds of students as they look toward their futures and all that they want to become. Orange Coast College provides students with a counseling center, financial aid, and more of the traditional offerings that a person expects to find at a college of any kind. This school is one that looks out for its students, and it is a school that has been around for a long time.