Sam Boraie and his Contribution in the Development of New Brunswick

Boraie Development, LLC ( is one of the most popular real estate development companies the United States. This New Jersey real estate firm focuses on the New Brunswick area where the post-modern architectural developments have transformed the skyline. The company has a long-term plan to revitalize the urban parts of New Brunswick. Most importantly, Boraie Development, LLC develops the multi-use architectural developments that come with residential, commercial, and retail spaces. In addition, these mixed-use developments have adequate recreation features that attract the local community.

Brunswick development

With expansive gardens, amphitheater, and movie theaters, the developments at Brunswick have made a huge impact in the metropolitan area. The apartments are available for both sale and rent. By developing an expansive architectural concept, Boraie LLC meets the needs of many people in New Jersey and New Brunswick. Since the Brunswick area has been experiencing an economic downturn, the efforts of Boraie Development have started to bear fruit in their quest to revitalize the city, reveals PR News.

Atlantic City

Sam Boraie has also created a lot of jobs for the residents of Atlantic City. With so many projects in various phases of construction, this company employs many people who offer various services. Besides his philanthropic initiatives, Sam Boraie has become a renowned real estate developer whose projects have started an economic revolution in Atlantic City. Boraie has initiated an array of projects to ensure that the city continues to grow. One of the best ways to improve the economy of a city is to investing some community development projects that attract a large number of people. Recreational facilities are instrumental when it comes to attracting people to these Boraie projects. A combination of retail and recreational features ensures that people are having a quality time while shopping. The inclusion of these retail and other commercial facilities in a residential setting also improves the lifestyles of the residents. Since the residents have offices, recreational features, and retail facilities at their disposal, they can enjoy the convenience of mixed-use developments. Such architectural concepts are instrumental in the modern and high-end real estate projects.


Philanthropy is a key tenet of Boraie development LLC. Sam Boraie is an Egyptian-born real estate developer and philanthropist who practices in the United States. Besides initiating new projects for his company, Sam also dedicates his time to the charitable organizations where he sits on the board. Sam Boraie is a key member of the Elijah’s Promise, a benevolent organization that fights poverty in various communities in New Jersey. The charitable organization hopes to eliminate hunger, create jobs, provide safe foods, and encourage individuals to undertake self-improvement initiatives, among other social benefits. Sam Boraie sits in the Elijah’s Promise board where he initiates a host of philanthropic projects that help the entire community. Considering his busy and hectic schedule, it is hard to understand where he gets time for philanthropy. However, Sam Boraie dedicates plenty of time in the charitable organizations where he crafts and implements a host of sustainable development projects.  More info about Sam on his crunchbase page.