Securus Technologies: a Leader in Prison Security Technology

When you think about security in the United States prison system, you likely typically think about security in the form of guards, cells that keep inmates in or other physical ways to keep our prison system secure.


Securus Technologies is a unique prison technology company that aims to keep prisons safe in today’s modern technological world. The company was founded in 1986 and currently has technology security contacts with over 2,000 correctional facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Their headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, but they have regional offices throughout the U.S. Southeast.


Securus Technologies is a leader in inmate security technology and they are well known as being consistently on the forefront of technology in their field. They have invested over $600 million in technologies, acquisitions and patents in three years to expand their offerings to the criminal justice system. In fact, Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith once was quoted as saying that not a week goes by that their company doesn’t invent a new technology or innovate on one they have already created.


They are best known for their Cell Defender technology. This technology makes sure that if an illegal cell phone is brought into a prison it can be sought out and found before the inmate has the chance to get on the phone and do any real damage. This technology pairs with their Wireless Containment Solution that keeps those same phones from being able to connect to any wireless network. Inmates can do a huge amount of damage if they are able to connect to WiFi as well as commit actual crimes via cell phone.


Securus Technologies is incredibly well respected by its clients. In fact, a recent article on PR Newswire recently highlighted multiple customer comments that stated how greatly they thought of Securus’s technologies and they also stated specific instances of how the technology had helped them keep the prison system safe.


Functions of Securus Technologies in the Society

Securus Technologies Company is an American non-profit organization that is located in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1986. The regional offices of the organization are in Texas, Georgia, Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. Richard Falcone is the chairman and chief executive officer of the prison technology company. The Company has more than 1000 employees to date. Securus Technologies Company serves more than 2600 correctional facilities in the United States of America. They also offer their services in Canada. Securus Technologies announced that it has invested more than 600 billion dollars in acquisitions, patents, and technologies in the last three years.


The company introduced a system that enables it to control contraband cell phones. It received approval from the Department of Correctional facilities. The company is the leading provider of criminal and civil justice solutions today. It uses technology to provide solutions in corrections, investigations, and monitoring. It also uses technology to solve possible crimes that involve inmates. The company receives many emails and letters from clients. The responses are from customers who are happy with the services of the enterprise. The primary goal of the organization is to bring safety to the general public and take care of the needs of inmates in prisons.


There are many responses from customers who acknowledge the company for their good work. One customer narrates how he was assisted warmly, and he liked the services. This happened through a phone call. The information was recorded. Another customer said that the technology helped in curbing alcohol and drug abuse within the cells. Suspicious conversations that were recorded in cells were handled. Correction facilities acknowledge Securus Technologies company because of using technology to revolutionize the environment and increase public safety. Other clients also recognize the technology because of its assistance in providing evidence that is used in court for the settlement of cases.

Securus Technologies Has Happy And Satisfied Customers

There are very few companies which invite their current and prospective customers to visit their facilities any times. And Securus Technologies is one of them. I was not surprised to see that they have extended an open invitation to visit their technology center.



Basically, Securus Technologies is continuously upgrading its technology that can completely revolutionize the incarceration environment. But this can happen only if their customers are aware of it. In fact, Securus Technologies is upgrading its existing products or even getting another innovative product, nearly every week. This way they are helping the jail and prison facilities to improve safety.



But this can happen only if these facilities are aware of these products and services presented by Securus Technologies. This is the main reason why Securus Technologies has extended this open invitation to them.



Besides, I am well aware that Securus Technologies is focused on keeping its customers happy. This can happen only when they understand the need of the customer and can provide them a solution accordingly. This is why all the letters and email communications received from prison as well as jail officials are read, analyzed, and their feedback is incorporated into the future work orders. This communication comes from officials who have the job of preventing and solving crimes so that the incarceration environment becomes safer as well as better.



I know about the mail from jail officials speaking about assistance on a case. This was through the phone calls which had been made regarding consignment. This helped to get a search warrant for the staff member. It could be easily proved that he was corrupt. Thus the person got arrested for introducing contraband. Incidents like this help in keeping these facilities safe. This is good for inmates, their families, parolees and even the community in general.