How George Soros Became Hero to America’s Progressive Party

The 2016 Presidential Election campaign featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton might just turn out to be the most bizarre moment in political history. The rise of Republican nominee Donald Trump proved to be a turning point in the nation’s discourse and as a result many things have changed. What hasn’t changed is that a billionaire investor named George Soros is still very much willing to come to battle for progressive causes and Follow his Twitter. Early on in Donald Trumps campaign Soros was one of the few people on the left that acknowledged him for the threat to democracy that he was. How did George Soros become so prominent in the political scene? Let’s look at his political history in order to learn a bit more about the legendary figure and learn more about George Soros.

If you really want to break down why George Soros is one of the biggest boogeymen in the world to America’s right wing then you need only look at the ideas he stands for. George Soros is one of the most prominent and vocal advocates of free speech, social justice, freedom of expression and transparent governing. Soros has represented these interests in places all around the world, working closely with grassroots activists in order to help bring about change in their region. Included in those places George Soros has helped Apartheid era South Africa, the Eastern Bloc in Russia, and marriage equality activists in the early ’00s in the United States of America. None of these campaigns would do well with American conservatives despite how noble their pursuits are and learn more about George Soros. So, when George Soros appears in American media you typically get to hear only two versions of him: the progressive icon or the conservative boogeyman and what George Soros knows.

The truth is that George Soros is a man who was shaped by his experiences in life and his own endless pursuit for knowledge and progressive. Soros was living in Hungary when the Nazi occupation began in 1943. Soros would see friends and family members dragged off to the gulags or actually killed for being nothing more than Jewish. Soros and his family would help people flee en route to emigrating to London. George Soros never forgot what he saw regarding how dangerous nationalist rhetoric could transform a group of people into a mob of killers and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros is now worth north of $25 billion and he spends most of his time standing up as one of the figureheads against what Donald Trump is trying to get passed in the United States government. Soros has become one of the leading voices against Donald Trump’s agenda while becoming a rallying point for progressives looking to rebound in 2018 against what has thus far been a disastrous first term by Donald Trump and more information click here.

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