Neurocore’s Substance Free ADHD and Depression Treatment

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are revolutionizing the way that disorders such as ADHD and depression are treated. Although it is recommended that these disorders are treated by both medication and therapy, very few get past the medication stage of treatment. Neurocore has created treatment plans to fight mental illness without the use of any medication. Read more about Neurocore at

Using a mix of neurofeedback and biofeedback, Neurocore has created a way to train the brain over a relatively short period of time to recognize when it is not in an optimal state and to fix the problem. Using EEG and heart rate monitoring, the activity of the brain is analyzed for activity that indicates whether the patient’s brain is functioning correctly or not. While the brain activity is being watched the patient is watching an enjoyable movie that reacts to whether the brain is functioning in a state that indicates a disorder. The movie pauses or gets smaller as detrimental brain function is detected and resumes playing or fills the entire screen again as the brain subconsciously rights itself. Over many sessions, the rewards and punishment feedback based on brain function shape the general state of the patient’s brain function. In 30-40 sessions this can completely change the brain from constantly experiencing a mental disorder to having no instances of the disorder at all in some cases. The fix has so far been permanent in the majority of patients, allowing them to live a normal life with no need for further medication or therapy. Read more about Neurocore at

The effect of this therapy on the lives of some of those treated is monumental. Those who have given up on ever living a normal life can now see a whole new future and previously unavailable opportunities. One major effect for those with depression and ADHD has been an increase in their ability to fall asleep and stay asleep without pharmaceutical help. The ability to not have to take prescription medication to function each day also helps by eliminating the negative side effects that come with many neurological medications. As the benefits of this therapy are further studied, it will likely free many people from medications and disorders.