Sentient AI – Multi-variate Testing

Sentient AI is an ambitious piece of artificial intelligence. The sheer impact of the intelligent software on the industry is unmistakable. Ecommerce is naturally thankful for such a piece of brilliant innovation. It makes the robotic click and drags style of development of the past seem robotic by comparison. The intelligent software has made leaps and bounds in the space of internet business.

What is Sentient AI? Sentient means self-aware, logical, thinking. AI stands for artificial intelligence. The ecommerce suite of tools presented by Sentient AI are logical intelligent systems for increasing conversion rates. The system uses deep learning methods to produce the maximum effective output for clients. The technology is the world’s largest and most powerfully distributed system for artificial intelligence. Developers have combined multiple knowledge bases and varied disciplines in scientific, economic, and artistic fields. The scale of effectiveness in these platforms is unmatched by any other software available today. The best part about Sentient AI is the fact that it is fully autonomous.

With multi-variate testing in ecommerce the user experience is defined by the web pages and interactions present in the shop. Whenever a customer enters your online commerce store they will get an impression about your company and products. The better their experience the more likely they are to become buyers. When they buy, it’s called a conversion. Sentient AI multi-variate testing allows you to test multiple styles of pages and find out exactly what your customers are looking for. Whatever page they respond to by converting into buyers will be added to the end result. Multi-variate testing has emerged to tackle the challenge of staying one step ahead of the competition. Conversion rate optimization will grant businesses the ability to maximize profits and reap greater rewards of higher bottom lines.

Multi-variate testing works by taking advantage of the deep learning algorithm present in Sentient AI. The same elements that may work in one context may not be as effective in another context, so multiple tests are implemented to find the optimum solution. When your design team utilizes the best practices to develop pages with simplicity and consistency you can use those pages as inputs for multi-variate testing and Sentient AI will produce the best combination of pages to convert your customers into repeat buyers. Once you observe the results you will be very satisfied with the premium web page candidates you are presented with.