Paul Wesley Has Been Building A Career Tackling The Big Subjects

The major subjects seen across the world are being tackled across a group of different media with major television star, Paul Wesley becoming a poster boy for tackling some of the biggest subjects facing the world. While remaining best-known for his role as Stefan Salvatore on the CW show, “The Vampire Diaries”, Wesley has continued to push the envelope with his different roles in stage shows and movies such as “Cam in Camo”, “Amire and Sam”, and “Before I Disappear”.

Paul Wesley

The career of Paul Wesley began in his home state of New Jersey where his elementary school required all students to take part in drama classes where his interest in the arts was piqued. On television, Paul Wesley began his career in 2001 on the TV show, “Wolf Lake” which led to a range of impressive roles on television and in movies.

Paul Wesley

Unlike many other television stars, Paul Wesley has taken his acting skills to the stage with a role in the drama, “Cam In Camo” which has allowed him to explore many of the areas of grief and loss forming the main themes of this hard-hitting drama. Wesley admits his role in the stage production has stretched him in many ways as the themes of the play have forced him to address aspects of life he has not looked closely at before.

Paul Wesley

As a producer, Paul Wesley has looked to develop projects such as the 2014 movie “Before I Disappear” which also allowed him to stretch his acting skills once more in a story about a man addressing his life while caring for his young niece. Addressing the issues facing the human race has become the career path of Paul Wesley as he also took on a major role in the drama, “Amira and Sam” which including such over-arching themes as illegal immigration and capitalism.

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