Jorge Moll is a cardiologist, neuroscientist and serves at D’Or Institute of Research and Teaching as the president. He is a leader on research on morality and studies affiliative emotions, affinities that identify and bring people together and the foundations of altruism. The architecture of values basis lies with the affiliative emotions. The architecture of moral values opens is a complex system that opens up paths in education, understanding of the society and medicine whether in the social networks dynamics or in the masses behavior.


This research led to Jorge Moll to collaborate with Ricardo de Oliveira in partnership with the foreign scientists made a classic study on altruism today. In the year 2006, “Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences” work published in the American magazine that donating activates similar reward system as making money. Jorge Moll and his team proposed a model in which the moral feelings are because of the interaction between emotion and reason as published in the Nature Review Neuroscience (

Jorge Moll on Technology contribution to the health sector

According to a publication by Jorge Moll, Dr. Chan, is in America discussing the major innovation trends in the country. Some of the benefits of adopting the innovations are a more humanized and efficient interaction between patients and doctors, 100% focus on the patient as no time is wasted on consulting file, note taking by doctors and greater depth and safety of medical evaluation. There will be improved patient experience and increased productivity as all the information collected during the consultation, is remotely structured and reviewed by specialists. Integration of tablets and smartphones into medicine is on the rise.


Star Cup

Jorge Moll is the cardiologist behind the establishment of the Star Cup, a five-star luxury hospital located in Copacabana on Figueiredo Magalhaes Street. It is designed for people who want unique and exclusive treat throughout the country. Hospital das D’Or Sao Luiz conceived the Star Cup idea. This hospital gathers 231 pieces of Yukata, the Japanese Painter, and an exclusive annex area for employee and patient’s transit. It has a touch of wood tones and citrus to offer aroma.