Better Joint Health with Osteo Relief Institute

Osteoarthritis can really slow you down as you do everyday activities. This condition causes pain and stiffness in your joints, making it difficult to do things such as stand up, bend, twist, and lift objects ( Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey believes that osteoarthritis sufferers deserve a better quality of life. Their experts recommend that people with osteoarthritis make a few changes to their lifestyle in order to have better joint health and significantly less pain.


The combination of diet and exercise can make a big difference in your overall health, including in your bones and joints. Osteo Relief Institute’s board-certified physicians and physical therapists are here to talk with you and discuss exercise strategies. It’s important to exercise in a way that doesn’t further damage your joints. It’s also important to add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and cut down on processed foods.


Your job can negatively affect your sore joints. People in occupations that require a lot of walking, pushing, lifting, etc. might be putting lots of wear and tear on their body, making osteoarthritis worse. The physical therapists at Osteo Relief Institute can talk with you to identify techniques that allow you to be productive on the job while reducing the stress on your body. Medication may be necessary to solve the problem. Often, patients need to continue medication on a regular basis over a long time. Osteo Relief Institute’s physicians are highly experienced in determining effective medication strategies for patients.


Finally, having a strong support system is crucial for having a healthier body… as well as happier emotions! Osteoarthritis sufferers have to deal with chronic pain that makes it very difficult to live their lives each and every day (MapQuest). Without a group of people around you who genuinely care and are there to support you, life with osteoarthritis can be miserable. Osteo Relief Institute is a place where patients are treated like family. When you’re surrounded by people who care, who are with you every step of the way, living with a chronic condition like osteoarthritis becomes a whole lot less difficult.

The Illustrious Career of Glen Wakeman

Mr. Wakeman holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Mr. Wakeman began his career in business and finance at GE Capital as a General Director of Global Insurance Ventures based in London, UK. While here, he transformed some companies and helped them grow their net income from US$2 million to US$10 million and added the value of their assets to over US$3 billion. Due to this success, he went on to become the CEO of GE-owned Consolidated Financial Insurance Group based in London and GE Money Director of Business Development. Wakeman was then appointed the CEO of GE Money Latin America where from just a new business; he built a nine-country operation, with over $12 billion in assets, an annual income of over $100 million and with 17,000 employees ( He opened more than 1000 new branches with new merchandises and signed many partnerships. He was subsequently recognized by the company’s’ Board of Directors as a Growth Leadership role model.


Glen Wakeman is the Founder and CEO of Launchpad Holdings LLC. A company that helps young business persons organize their ideas into profitable ventures using their fully automated software service. It also contains a broad library of tips which are provided to future entrepreneurs to help them grow their companies. To achieve this, Launchpad Holdings partners with some financial providers and advisors.


In a career spanning over two decades, Mr. Wakeman has dedicated his time and resources to helping new startups develop and succeed. He does this by using test methods that assess and positively impact the basics of any growing company. These are governance, risk management, execution, leadership and human capital. Mr. Wakeman also writes, and thus shares his views about administration and management, emerging markets, strategy and international fiscal matters among others through blog posts. He is also a mentor (ThePerfectReporter). He counsels Dream funded and Sitter Bees and has steered several C-level executives.


Mark Holterman Great Career as a pediatric surgeon

Children represent an important part of the society. Without them, the globe would be a boring place to stay. Just like all the other people in the society, children get sick, and when they do, they require the right medical professionals so that they can be cured. There are very few people who sacrifice their lives so that they can go to school and become pediatricians. These special individuals represent an important part of the modern society, and they make sure that children are in their right health at all times. The medical professionals are very few because the nature of their work is a bit complicated.


Dr. Mark Holterman is one of the most prominent doctors who is changing the lives of young people by offering the best medical services. The doctor went to acquire his skills in medicine in one of the best higher learning institutions in the world, and this explains why he has given the best services to all his patients. Mark is a qualified and highly experienced pediatric surgeon who is very passionate about making the lives of children better by offering medical expertise (


When he was growing up, the doctor knew that he wanted to make an impact in the lives of the people in the society. After completing his lower education, he chose to specialize in medicine. The businessman has a lot of knowledge in matters concerning children, and this is why he decided to become a pediatrician (Peoria.Medicine). In his career life, the businessman has assisted very few people living with numerous medical conditions.


Just recently, the successful medical doctor announced to the world that he had partnered with one of the most prominent modern hospitals in the country so that he could offer support to the children who are living with several types of diabetes. The disease affects millions of children. During the medical campaign, the doctor is expected to encourage the people living with diabetes to live a healthy life by engaging in various activities and exercising frequently. The doctors believe that this is the only way of making sure that these young people live for a long time.

Revolutionizing the Energy Market with Stream Energy

Most people have often been hit with power bills that look unrealistic and unusual when they consider their power consumption. It appears unmanageable when the power bill exceeds one expected level leaving one crying out for lower costs. The high amount of power bills can only be attributed to the hidden energy consumption of household items and gadgets (BizJournals). It is quite true that gadgets and devices plugged in even when not in active use consume power. The impact may not be seen in a day but over the month, their power drainers contribute to the bill shooting more than expected.


A good example of a gadget that consumes power even when not in use is the coffee maker. It is estimated that by completely unplugging it, one can save a dollar annually. People should consider also unplugging and switching off computer screens and printers when not in use. It is worth noting that for a music entertainment system, the extra power costs can by 130 dollars per year. In fact, unplugging the DVR when it’s not engaged saves one about 37 dollars every year. Adding this and other costs mean a good amount of money that can go to other important uses.


Power consumers need to pay due diligence with their gadgets by disconnecting them all form the power strips and shutting them down when not in use. There is hope for the consumer as usage monitoring gadgets have been floated in the market by Stream Energy, a direct sales company based in Dallas. Stream energy deals with keeping its Dallas consumers connected, by offering wireless, protective, and energy services. This is aimed at keeping them connected when they are traveling. Stream Energy services are available in Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Texas, New York, and Georgia.


From 2005 when it was founded, Stream Energy has transformed the energy industry through its direct sales marketing making it one of the biggest direct sales companies of energy in the world. Over the 12 years that Stream Energy has been operating, it has made total revenue of over 8 billion US dollars.

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Jorge Moll is a cardiologist, neuroscientist and serves at D’Or Institute of Research and Teaching as the president. He is a leader on research on morality and studies affiliative emotions, affinities that identify and bring people together and the foundations of altruism. The architecture of values basis lies with the affiliative emotions. The architecture of moral values opens is a complex system that opens up paths in education, understanding of the society and medicine whether in the social networks dynamics or in the masses behavior.


This research led to Jorge Moll to collaborate with Ricardo de Oliveira in partnership with the foreign scientists made a classic study on altruism today. In the year 2006, “Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences” work published in the American magazine that donating activates similar reward system as making money. Jorge Moll and his team proposed a model in which the moral feelings are because of the interaction between emotion and reason as published in the Nature Review Neuroscience (

Jorge Moll on Technology contribution to the health sector

According to a publication by Jorge Moll, Dr. Chan, is in America discussing the major innovation trends in the country. Some of the benefits of adopting the innovations are a more humanized and efficient interaction between patients and doctors, 100% focus on the patient as no time is wasted on consulting file, note taking by doctors and greater depth and safety of medical evaluation. There will be improved patient experience and increased productivity as all the information collected during the consultation, is remotely structured and reviewed by specialists. Integration of tablets and smartphones into medicine is on the rise.


Star Cup

Jorge Moll is the cardiologist behind the establishment of the Star Cup, a five-star luxury hospital located in Copacabana on Figueiredo Magalhaes Street. It is designed for people who want unique and exclusive treat throughout the country. Hospital das D’Or Sao Luiz conceived the Star Cup idea. This hospital gathers 231 pieces of Yukata, the Japanese Painter, and an exclusive annex area for employee and patient’s transit. It has a touch of wood tones and citrus to offer aroma.

Orange Coast College Students Given Unique Opportunity Through DeNova Homes

When students from a college are invited to hear someone speak, they need to pay attention to all that is said to them and they need to learn from the one who is speaking to them. When the students of Orange Coast College had the opportunity to learn from those who are a part of DeNova Homes, they were given the chance to listen up and receive a good education. Students from Orange Coast College were given the chance to listen to the Division President of DeNova Homes as he spoke to them. Alan Toffoli talked with the students and helped them to learn about his company. The students were the given the chance to tour some of the homes that were created by DeNova Homes. Students from Orange Coast College were given a unique opportunity thanks to a company that reached out to them and was willing to be a part of their education. Learn more:


Orange Coast College is a community college that is located in Orange County in California. This college offers an educational experience that is a great starting point for all kinds of students as they look toward their futures and all that they want to become. Orange Coast College provides students with a counseling center, financial aid, and more of the traditional offerings that a person expects to find at a college of any kind. This school is one that looks out for its students, and it is a school that has been around for a long time.