Tips on How to Manage a Personal Website and Optimize Online Reputation

The concept of online reputation management comes into play when the need to grow a business arises. For this reason, every business owner is encouraged to upload his credentials online. Currently, before one decides to do business with anyone, they must search and view the online profiles.

Based on the latest research by, business owners stand a chance of losing 22 percent of their clients if their partners find negative information about their companies. For businesses with two or more negative articles, the percentage loss increases by 44 percent and 59 percent respectively. These actionable tips are useful in online reputation management.

  1. Conduct a clean-up of pre-existing information

Perform a Google search and scan all the information that seem irrelevant, including old party pictures and embarrassing status updates. Initiate a social scanner using ‘BrandYourself’ to flag any controversial issues.

  1. Develop a professional web page

A website is a useful tool used to market a business or service. A web page serves as the centralized platform where clients, investors, and employees can verify your credentials. The website also helps to control the information as well as point out what is most relevant. Through websites, individual entrepreneurs can build and diversify their portfolio so that they are not tied up to one company or business. A personal web page is comprised of:

  • A full name in the URL: This results in high ranking when your name is searched.
  • Background information about the website owner: The information is written in the third person, and the full name of the web page owner is maintained throughout the text to maximize rankings.
  • An active element such as a press page, blog or news section
  • A call to action, which enhances how people respond to the website
  • The website should have a proper channel to ease communication.
  1. Reserve the business name on social media

This approach serves to attract prospective employees and investors. Reserving business names happens once one has created a social media profile.

  1. Ensure consistency

Unity occurs when one provides quality services to people consistently. By so doing, one can control their search results increasing the website rankings.