Neurocore’s Substance Free ADHD and Depression Treatment

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are revolutionizing the way that disorders such as ADHD and depression are treated. Although it is recommended that these disorders are treated by both medication and therapy, very few get past the medication stage of treatment. Neurocore has created treatment plans to fight mental illness without the use of any medication. Read more about Neurocore at

Using a mix of neurofeedback and biofeedback, Neurocore has created a way to train the brain over a relatively short period of time to recognize when it is not in an optimal state and to fix the problem. Using EEG and heart rate monitoring, the activity of the brain is analyzed for activity that indicates whether the patient’s brain is functioning correctly or not. While the brain activity is being watched the patient is watching an enjoyable movie that reacts to whether the brain is functioning in a state that indicates a disorder. The movie pauses or gets smaller as detrimental brain function is detected and resumes playing or fills the entire screen again as the brain subconsciously rights itself. Over many sessions, the rewards and punishment feedback based on brain function shape the general state of the patient’s brain function. In 30-40 sessions this can completely change the brain from constantly experiencing a mental disorder to having no instances of the disorder at all in some cases. The fix has so far been permanent in the majority of patients, allowing them to live a normal life with no need for further medication or therapy. Read more about Neurocore at

The effect of this therapy on the lives of some of those treated is monumental. Those who have given up on ever living a normal life can now see a whole new future and previously unavailable opportunities. One major effect for those with depression and ADHD has been an increase in their ability to fall asleep and stay asleep without pharmaceutical help. The ability to not have to take prescription medication to function each day also helps by eliminating the negative side effects that come with many neurological medications. As the benefits of this therapy are further studied, it will likely free many people from medications and disorders.


The Madison Street Capital Reputation

The 16th M&A Advisor Awards Gala held on November 13, 2017 at the Metropolitan Club, New York, NY named Madison Street Capital as the winner of the Debt Financing Deal of the Year for the advice given on the WLR Automotive transaction. The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway said that they are honored to be the awardee for the debt financing category and congratulations are in order for Senior Manager Barry Petersen, the team lead for the transaction, and WLR Automotive.



The Gala is an annual celebration of the industry’s premier M&A Dealmakers. It convened in union with the 2017 M&A Advisor Summit presenting more than 500 leading M&A professionals who have joined collaborative forums that were led by 35 M&A academics, industry advocates, and the media. Aside from the announcement of the 16th Annual M&A Advisor recipients, the Tom Farrell Memorial Award and the 2017 Leadership award were presented to Robert “Bobby” Blumenfeld, Executive Director of ACG New York and Cesar N. Anquillare, Chairman, and CEO of Winchester Capital respectively.



Madison Street Capital also ended up as a finalist for the Financials Deal of the Year (Under 250MM) and the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.



An international investment advisory firm, Madison Street Capital is dedicated in the delivery of excellent advisory services that is related to acquisition and merger, valuation services, and financial advisory services to private and public types of businesses. It supports the strengthening of various businesses across the United States. The company’s team of professionals have sufficient experience and knowledge with the ability to build extensive relationships with financial resources, making it one of the most reputable and premier financial advising institution all over the world.



The Madison Street Capital reputation team of advisers have the ability to arrange suitable funding that suits their client’s needs. And this is done by implementing a plan that has been carefully analyzed and comes with recommendations that are accurate.



With the above details in mind, it is important to remember that Madison Street Capital is not a banking or lending firm. It acts as a financial identifier, advisor, and arranger. As such, it is not responsible for the conditions and agreement between the lender/seller and the borrower/buyer but will provide the best possible advice for both parties.



MSC (Madison Capital LLC) has its main office in Chicago, Illinois and has branch offices in Asia, Africa, and North America.


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Sahm Adrangi: Helping Corporates Understand the Finer Aspects of Their Investments

Sahm Adrangi is an incredibly well-known name in the field of alternative instruments, mainly for being the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Before Kerrisdale, he was part of several incredibly successful financial ventures that have helped him grow professionally. He first launched the company in 2009, and since then, Kerrisdale Capital Management has grown beyond anything that he expected. When he started out the company, Kerrisdale had $1 million to its name. Today, the company is worth $150 million.

One of the reasons why Kerrisdale Capital Management has grown so much as a company was because of the unique approach it took on investments. The company offers a wide range of research services so that companies can properly analyze all the drawbacks and positives of their potential investment opportunities. Kerrisdale Capital Management also works to improve the misconceptions that people have about certain kinds of investments and the companies involved with it. Overall, Kerrisdale Capital management aims to provide a thorough and correct analysis of potential investment opportunities that corporations tend to want to go in for. The company offers these insights through their Twitter account, their main website, and to sites that are known for posting investment and financial related content.

One of the first times when Sahm Adrangi’s name stood in the forefront of the financial field was when he decided to expose a number of financial and investment companies from China. The plan was to give people the inside scoop on what was going on with these organizations and the potential risks that people may encounter when they choose these for their investment purposes.

Before starting his own company, Sahm Adrangi worked at a number of notable places such as Deutsche Bank, where he worked as an advising creditor.

With the efforts that he has made to bring about the truth of investment corporations, there is no doubt that Sahm Adrangi has been a notable member of the financial field. A degree holder from the prestigious Yale University, Sahm Adrangi has been able to surpass all expectations and arise as a notable member of the financial field.

Dr. Scott Rocklage And 5AM Ventures: Facilitating The Development Of Early Stage Companies

Since 2003, scientist, researcher, entrepreneur, experienced business leader and executive Dr. Scott Rocklage has worked with 5AM Ventures. Initially, his role with the early state venture capital company was as a venture partner. A year after he joined the life-science focused company, he became managing partner. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

Dr. Rocklage has been working with scientists and physicians turned entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into medicines and medical treatments for more than three decades. He has also been an executive with or on the board of more than a dozen well-known biotech companies.

A graduate of the University of California, Berkley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree and PhD in chemistry respectively, Dr. Scott Rocklage has long been on the cutting-edge of biomedical research. He helped get U.S. New Drug Applications approved by the Food and Drug Administration for Teslascan, Omniscan and Cubicin. Dr. Rocklage was also instrumental in getting clinical trials for a number of other drug candidates in the U.S.. He has also had his work appear in countless peer-reviewed scientific journals and holds almost three dozen U.S. patents.

Well organized and highly skilled at time management, prioritization and measured risk-taking, Dr. Scott Rocklage has been an invaluable help to early stages companies and medical professionals that choose to work on developing their innovative new medicine and treatments by becoming entrepreneurs rather than working with Fortune 500 companies.

He recommends budding entrepreneurs focus on their strengths and remain true to what they do well. At 5AM Ventures, Dr. Rocklage works on emerging life science areas and regularly meets with the portfolio management team and the board of directors. Read more: Scott Rocklage | Ideamesch and Scott Rocklage | Bloomberg

Explosive new medical breakthroughs that provide unique ways for physicians, oncologists and medical researchers to target the specific mutations and genotypes that cause cancer and has lead to new treatments for cancer and other disease are very exciting developments to Dr. Rocklage.

He is optimistic that in the not too distant future these breakthroughs will lead to effective new cutting-edge treatments that will both extend and save the lives of people suffering with cancer and many other diseases.

He sees his work at 5AM Ventures as helping to facilitate and hasten these exciting, badly needed improvements in medical care.

Dr. Scott Rocklage works in Menlo Park, California based 5AM Ventures’ offices in Boston, Massachusetts. He continues to work hard daily to help driven, visionary life science entrepreneurs to succeed.

Sentient AI – Multi-variate Testing

Sentient AI is an ambitious piece of artificial intelligence. The sheer impact of the intelligent software on the industry is unmistakable. Ecommerce is naturally thankful for such a piece of brilliant innovation. It makes the robotic click and drags style of development of the past seem robotic by comparison. The intelligent software has made leaps and bounds in the space of internet business.

What is Sentient AI? Sentient means self-aware, logical, thinking. AI stands for artificial intelligence. The ecommerce suite of tools presented by Sentient AI are logical intelligent systems for increasing conversion rates. The system uses deep learning methods to produce the maximum effective output for clients. The technology is the world’s largest and most powerfully distributed system for artificial intelligence. Developers have combined multiple knowledge bases and varied disciplines in scientific, economic, and artistic fields. The scale of effectiveness in these platforms is unmatched by any other software available today. The best part about Sentient AI is the fact that it is fully autonomous.

With multi-variate testing in ecommerce the user experience is defined by the web pages and interactions present in the shop. Whenever a customer enters your online commerce store they will get an impression about your company and products. The better their experience the more likely they are to become buyers. When they buy, it’s called a conversion. Sentient AI multi-variate testing allows you to test multiple styles of pages and find out exactly what your customers are looking for. Whatever page they respond to by converting into buyers will be added to the end result. Multi-variate testing has emerged to tackle the challenge of staying one step ahead of the competition. Conversion rate optimization will grant businesses the ability to maximize profits and reap greater rewards of higher bottom lines.

Multi-variate testing works by taking advantage of the deep learning algorithm present in Sentient AI. The same elements that may work in one context may not be as effective in another context, so multiple tests are implemented to find the optimum solution. When your design team utilizes the best practices to develop pages with simplicity and consistency you can use those pages as inputs for multi-variate testing and Sentient AI will produce the best combination of pages to convert your customers into repeat buyers. Once you observe the results you will be very satisfied with the premium web page candidates you are presented with.


Daniel Taub Visits Bradford Despite Some People’s Anti-Israel Feelings

An article on Algemeiner reported Daniel Taub, the Israeli ambassador to the U.K. bravely visited Bradford West MP, George Galloway. Why was it a brave move? The reason was that Galloway had declared the constituency an Israel free zone. He was already in the city because people there had invited him to come and meet with counselors and faith leaders. He found the people there didn’t agree with Galloway as whole-heartedly as the MP might think. Never one to run away from people who need him, Taub found the people in Bradford were willing to listen to both sides and were open to talking about peace with Israel. Learn more:


Galloway has been anti-Israeli in the past leaving a debate refusing to engage with Israelis and publicly talking about his beliefs in conspiracy theories that paint Israel as the bad guys. Knowing this hostile man was present in Bradford and there were people there who followed him, Taub still went to visit the people there. Taub said the real conflict was between the past and the future and that was his message to Galloway, to look towards the future like he was.


Daniel Taub has long been passionate about peace and uniting the countries of Israel and the U.K. in trade and friendship. He was born in Great Britain and moved to Israel after graduating from University College in Oxford and Harvard University’s School of Government. He served in the Israel Defense Forces as both a reserve officer and combat medic. In 91 he worked for the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Over the years he participated in an Israeli-Palestinian peace process as a negotiator and worked as a speechwriter for President Chaim Herzog. He is an expert in international law and has held many other political and legal posts in the Israeli Foreign Ministry.


He held his position as Israeli Ambassador from 2011 to 2015. He was the first ambassador to be interviewed by the BBC Persian network and has been on CNN and Sky News among other programs. Now he works at Yad Hanadive Foundation in Jerusalem. He’s the Director of Strategy and Planning. He still writes often about Israel and publishes articles in the Huffington Post and The Times.



Ask Twenty Three Layers to Help Plan Your Next Event!

Parties and special events are meant to be enjoyed. Don’t let planning, organizing, and handling the dozens of details spoil your own enjoyment. As one of the top event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers. There are a number of corporate event planners in NYC, but we hold the distinction of being one of the top in the field. Rather than getting bogged down with details, leave it to us. We make it easy for you to enjoy your event as much as everyone else will. We even have an event-planning checklist that you can download and print out to keep everything organized and checked off from one month to one hour before your event kicks off!


Twenty Three Layers is dedicated to helping you to surpass even your own expectations for your upcoming event. As a full-serving event planning/design firm, we are able to meet the needs of the most elaborate corporate function or an intimate gathering for a smaller-scale celebration. Our team of creative, inspired minds bring together the best of every detail, from the menu to decorating ideas to themes and entertainment to create a unique and memorable event.

Find them in NYC:


Twenty Three Layers offers assistant and services in the areas of catering, venue selection, entertainment, photography, floral arrangements, lighting, and more. We pay the utmost attention to detail to ensure that each and every facet of your event leaves a lasting impression.



Want to handle some of the details and planning yourself? Twenty Three Layers can still give you a hand with some helpful tips such as:


– Choose a theme for your event early on, and build around that. Or, in lieu of a theme, choose a decorating scheme – colors, designs, etc.


– Send out invitations as far ahead of the event as possible. This gives people ample time to plan as well as time to RSVP, making YOUR job easier.


– Create a signature event to commemorate your event and make it even more memorable.


– Keep settings simple but elegant. Too-busy prints or mismatched patterns create a messy, thrown-together look.


Let us at Twenty Three Layers be a part of your special event so that you can relax and enjoy yourself without all the stress and worry. Rest assured everything will be perfect and a great time will be had by all!


Paul Wesley Has Been Building A Career Tackling The Big Subjects

The major subjects seen across the world are being tackled across a group of different media with major television star, Paul Wesley becoming a poster boy for tackling some of the biggest subjects facing the world. While remaining best-known for his role as Stefan Salvatore on the CW show, “The Vampire Diaries”, Wesley has continued to push the envelope with his different roles in stage shows and movies such as “Cam in Camo”, “Amire and Sam”, and “Before I Disappear”.

Paul Wesley

The career of Paul Wesley began in his home state of New Jersey where his elementary school required all students to take part in drama classes where his interest in the arts was piqued. On television, Paul Wesley began his career in 2001 on the TV show, “Wolf Lake” which led to a range of impressive roles on television and in movies.

Paul Wesley

Unlike many other television stars, Paul Wesley has taken his acting skills to the stage with a role in the drama, “Cam In Camo” which has allowed him to explore many of the areas of grief and loss forming the main themes of this hard-hitting drama. Wesley admits his role in the stage production has stretched him in many ways as the themes of the play have forced him to address aspects of life he has not looked closely at before.

Paul Wesley

As a producer, Paul Wesley has looked to develop projects such as the 2014 movie “Before I Disappear” which also allowed him to stretch his acting skills once more in a story about a man addressing his life while caring for his young niece. Addressing the issues facing the human race has become the career path of Paul Wesley as he also took on a major role in the drama, “Amira and Sam” which including such over-arching themes as illegal immigration and capitalism.

Securus Technologies Providing Ray of Hope to Inmates in Jail

The prisoners are always under constant stress and anxiety about what is going on in the life of their family members and friends outside. It is this kind of pressure that when doesn’t get a vent for a long time converts into violence and unruly behavior. Many psychiatrists believe that when the inmates don’t get to speak to their loved ones for a long time, their frustration comes out in the form of violence.


To keep the inmates happy and stress-free and the jail environment peaceful, inmate communication services are required. Securus Technologies has been a highly preferred inmate telecommunication firm in the United States, Canada, and District of Columbia for many years. The company started its operations in the year 1986 and since then has branched out on a massive scale.


As a prisoner myself for many years, I know how terrible it is to survive inside a prison, especially when you don’t see anyone around. It is a terrible life inside the prison, and while it is meant to be so, the prisoners thankfully have the liberty to use the services of Securus Technologies. When I was incarcerated, one of my most significant concerns was how would I speak to my wife and kids, but thanks to Securus Technologies, communication with family was never an issue I had to worry about. The company doesn’t only offer phone services but also allows video chat, money transfer service, voicemail messaging, and much more. These services collectively make it easier for the inmates to live peacefully inside and stay in the know about what is going on in the lives of their loved ones.


Securus Technologies believes that backing their products and services with attentive customer service is essential. It is for this reason; the company is also known to have been given the prestigious Gold Stevie Award for providing customers with high-quality and responsive customer service.



The Accomplishments Of One Shiraz Boghani

Mr. Shiraz is the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, and he is also the owner and manager of nineteen trading hostels in the United Kingdom. He has been in the hospitality for thirty years and above making the hostel quarter his passion and a huge part of his business life.

As the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, he spearheads most of the projects. Some of his most recent and exciting projects include the development and launch of the stylish Hilton London Bank side, a 121 million Euro hotel in London, The Conrad London St. James, the York, and The Grand Hotel and Spa, and Holiday Inn London.

He has also acquired new hotels; the New Ellington in Leads, and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel. Future developments include the London Worcester Park, the London Hounslow, and the London Park Royal. Lately, he got honored at the Asian Business Awards 2016, obtaining Hotelier of the year award.

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Boghani is also a founding joint partner of the Sussex Health Care. The company was founded in 1985 and has grown and expanded to eighteen Care Homes with over five hundred beds. Mr. Boghani, being the innovative and forwarding-thinking businessman, saw a business development opportunity and responded appropriately.

Besides this, he plays crucial roles in giving his time and providing resources for many humanitarian organizations; he supports the Aga Khan Foundation and the Aga Khan Development Network globally.

The Sussex Health Care is a company whose central goal is to provide high standard care for all its clients. The organization invests profoundly in its personnel and service providers to ensure that only the right resources are availed. Their clinical and care team is made up of only experts, a fact that has won the company its distinct reputation and also the awards they have received from the professional healthcare bodies over the several years. In the recent past, for example, the company brought in an independent expert with decades of experience to provide unlimited, direct support to the service provider teams at the homes.

Mr. Boghani was born in Kenya and later relocated to the United Kingdom in 1969. He is an entrepreneur and a Chartered Accountant.

His career started with training from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Wales and England. Shiraz Boghani later moved to the Thomson McLintock and Co. By 1990, Mr. Boghani has made a name for himself, for being the first hotelier to introduce limited service branded hotels to London.

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